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Location of SoundShow.json files
ID: 4265Status: AcceptedVersion: N/AReport Date: 7 March 2023Product: Sound Show

In version 20230129 on windows, when you customise the library (e.g. add sounds) the software creates a soundShow.json file (which seems to contain the customisations) in C:\\Users\\%username%\\AppData\\LocalLow\\Impronivers\\SoundShow\\ But on a domain network with roaming user profiles this LocalLow folder is deleted when the user signs out or the computer is restarted. So the customisations are lost the next time the user signs in. It would be better if this file was stored in the %AppData% (i.e. roaming AppAata storage location) so that it persists between reboots, and between multiple computers.

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Thank you for the detailed description. I’ll look into it for the next version

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