Sound Show is a free software and accessible to all, whether you are an amateur or a show professional. The desire is that everyone can have access to this tool.

However, the creation and maintenance of Sound Show requires a lot of work and time. To perpetuate and develop this software, I chose the economic model of the donationware type. This means that you can use Sound Show for free, but you can donate if you use it regularly or get financial benefit from it.

The Donationware model has many advantages for users and for me, the developer of Sound Show. First of all, it allows everyone to test the software for free and see if it suits their needs, without having to pay for each software they want to try.

Then, the Donationware model makes it possible to take into account the differences in use of the software by the different users. Some use it once for a particular event, others use it regularly for income-generating activities. A single price for all would not be fair or appropriate.

Additionally, by not restricting functionality in a free version like other products do, we allow all users to have access to all of Sound Show’s features, even if they cannot afford to. pay to use it.

Finally, with the Donationware model, users pay for satisfaction. They can use Sound Show for free before deciding how much they want to donate based on their usefulness and benefit. This avoids any regret or disappointment linked to an imprudent purchase.

In short, the Donationware model of Sound Show is a fair and balanced compromise for all parties involved, which allows everyone to have access to a powerful and free tool, while financing the sustainability and evolution of this software.

I would like to thank all the people who have already given me a gift of their appreciation for the work accomplished and encourage me to continue the adventure. I was pleasantly surprised by this support. The dream would be for me that in the long term Sound Show development is no longer just a hobby from time to time outside working hours but that I can devote myself to it on a much more regular basis.

Every donation, however small, counts!