Improv Sound Player

Sound Show is a free sound player for improv shows. This software has been developed specifically for improv shows but it could be used for other purpose (web radio, theatre, podcast …). It has evolved and now you can also use it to display videos and images on a second screen. Its instruction system allows you to define and play sequence of sounds (or other elements).


Play many sounds simultaneously

Individual management of each sound launched and global management of all sounds launched

Colors on buttons

Possibility to preset the start and stop of a sound as well as its volume

Crossfade, fade-in, fade-out (duration configurable)


A favorite bar for the sound that needs to be always accessible

Key shortcuts to have fast control (example : space bar allows you to jump immediately the volume to a predefined low level when somebody talks and go back to normal volume when space bar is released)

Send the sound on different sound output device (example : Headphone/speaker). Useful to preview a sound before launching it for real.

Search of sounds on title and tags

No fixed limit of number of sounds or categories

Audio format supported : mp3, wav, flac, mp2, wma, ogg, aiff

Instructions system to play sequence of elements

Display video, image or text on a second screen

Launch external programs through Sound Show


Free (but if you like the software and use it regularly, donations are very welcome )

Windows, Mac and Linux

Available only with a few sounds under free licence to serve as example.




Submit a bug or a feature request

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